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Datascope Accutorr Plus Vital Signs (NIBP, SpO2)

Units in Stock: 1
Datascope Accutorr Plus Patient Vital Signs Monitor (NIBP, Masimo SpO2) is preowned and in Good condition.
Condition: Good
Type: PreOwned
Price: $745.00
Datascope Accutorr Plus Vital Signs (NIBP, SpO2)
Datascope Accutorr Plus Vital Signs (NIBP, SpO2)
Datascope Accutorr Plus Vital Signs (NIBP, SpO2)
Datascope Accutorr Plus Vital Signs (NIBP, SpO2)
Datascope Accutorr Plus Vital Signs (NIBP, SpO2)
Datascope Accutorr Plus Vital Signs (NIBP, SpO2)
Datascope Accutorr Plus Vital Signs (NIBP, SpO2)
Datascope Accutorr Plus Vital Signs (NIBP, SpO2)
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Product Details

Datascope Accutorr Plus Patient Vital Signs Monitor (NIBP, Masimo SpO2) - Preowned with Good Condition





Accutorr Plus NIBP. It’s all there. Proven Accutorr performance and our most advanced NIBP technology, designed specifically for ease of use – all in a lightweight, easily transported portable/bedside monitor.


The Accutorr Plus is an easy to use, non-invasive blood pressure monitor available with optional infrared or predictive temperature and recorder modules for cost-effective upgradability.


Optional Predictive Temperature – at the speed you want and the accuracy you demand.


Optional Integrated printer – Instant hard copy on any or all patients. Produces hard copy documentation of patient data, including NIBP, heart rate, temperature measurements, and SpO2


Choose a model with Lithium Ion battery technology for maximum run time and battery life with minimum battery recharge.


Masimo SET pulse oximetry: the first pulse oximetry technology clinically proven accurate during motion and low perfusion conditions.





Light weight, portable with user-configurable technology

Easy-to-read large numbers

Dedicated controls which can be customized

Easily configurable:

-    Patient size

-    Interval time

-    Alarms

-    Inflation pressure

-    Audio level

-    Temperature format


Quick connect, single hose fittings

Unique flexible databases

IV pole/bed rail attachment

Lithium Ion Battery

Up to 8 hours run time without recharging

Over twice the life cycles of sealed lead acid batteries

Only 2 hours to fully recharge battery

Non-intrusive Blood Pressure (NiBP) Monitor

Stores up to 100 readings, instantly accessible

Optional - Predictive thermometer module

Optional - Printer module

Masimo pulse oximetry

Various flexible mounting options





Systolic and Diastolic Pressure Readout

Number of Digits: 3

Accuracy*: Mean error < ±5 mmHg

Standard deviation < ±8 mmHg

Range: Adult Mode: 55 to 260 mmHg

Pediatric Mode: 55 to 160 mmHg

Neonatal Mode: 45 to 120 mmHg


Pulse Rate

Range: 35-245 BPM for Adult and Pediatric

70-245 BPM for Neonate

Display Resolution: 1 BPM

Accuracy: ±3 BPM or ±3%, whichever is greater


Inflation Source

This inflation source is capable of supplying sufficient air to bring a volume of 700 cc’s to a pressure of 300 mmHg in no more than 35 seconds. If the cuff is not inflated to the desired pressure within 60 seconds, then the cuff is vented and a retry cycle is initiated.


Leak Rate

With the bleed valve closed, the maximum pressure drop is 10 mmHg in 90 seconds measured with a 700 cc volume at a differential pressure of 250 mmHg.


Cuff Vent Rate

When the unit is vented, a volume of at least 700 cc’s is reduced from a pressure of 250 mmHg to a pressure of 20 mmHg in a maximum of 14 seconds.


Masimo SpO2

Range: 70-100% SpO2

Display Resolution: 1% SpO2

Display Update: < 4 seconds

SpO2 Accuracy Saturation during No Motion Conditions

Adults / Pediatrics: 70% to 100% ± 2 digits; <70% unspecified

Neonates (LNOP/LNCS): 70% to 100% ± 3 digits

SpO2 Accuracy Saturation during Motion Conditions

Adults / Pediatrics2: 70% to 100% ± 3 digits; <70% unspecified

Neonates3 (LNOP): 70% to 100% ± 4 digits

Neonates3 (LNCS): 70% to 100% ± 3 digits; <70% unspecified

SpO2 Response Time: 10 secs (Display Averaging Time is not user-selectable for Masimo. It will be set to the default value of 8 seconds.)


Rechargeable Battery

Battery: Lithium Ion

Run Time:* 3.5 to 8 hours

Recharge: 2 hours

Cycles: 500 - 1,000



Size (maximum):

Main Unit: 7.5" (W) x 10.6" (H) x 8.2" (D)





Datascope Accutorr Plus Brochure

Datascope Accutorr Plus Service Manual





Qty 1 - Datascope Accutorr Plus Patient Monitor

Qty 1 - Lithium Ion Battery

Qty 1 - Blood Pressure Cuff

Qty 1 - Masimo Finger Probe


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Cosmetic - Good

Working - Good



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