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BCI 3303 Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter

SKU: B3HP0113
Brand: BCI
Units in Stock: 1
BCI 3303 Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter is preowned and in good condition
Condition: Good
Type: PreOwned
Price: $495.00
BCI 3303 Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter
BCI 3303 Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter
BCI 3303 Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter
BCI 3303 Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter
BCI 3303 Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter
BCI 3303 Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter
BCI 3303 Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter
BCI 3303 Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter
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Product Details

BCI 3303 Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter - Preowned in Good Condition





The BCI 3303 Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter facilitates spot checking and continuous SpO2 and pulse rate monitoring for home-care use, as well as at the hospital bedside or for land or air transport situations. Stores data for later sleep screening analysis via a PC or commercially available printer. It’s precisely the kind of reliable performing device you’d expect from the global leader in hand-held pulse oximetry technology.


Similar to the Model 3301 but with advanced features. The trend view feature allows the operator to display and view previous patient history. Adjusatble alarm limits for SpO2 and pulse rate, as well as visible and audible alarm signals provide for continuous patient monitoring. Internal rechargeable battery - just plug unit in. Fully charges in 6 hours for 24 hours continuous use or many more hours of spot checking. Protective rubber boot included, along with adult reusable sensor, manuals. Can be connected to personal computer or printer





Three operating modes

Menu-free operation via one-touch, direct-function keys

Pulse strength bar on screen

Easily adjustable LED display

Adjustable alarm limits for SpO2 and pulse rate

Rugged Design

Bright, easy to read LED display

Clinician, Sleep and Home modes

Internal Rechargeable Battery

PC Compatible

Full Alarm

Instantly distinguish between audible patient alarms and system alerts

View patient history on-screen;

Recall up to 99 patient SpO2 and pulse rate readings with 24-hr memory





Displays, Indicators & Keys: 
SpO2: LED numeric display:  0.43 inch (11 mm) high

Pulse Rate: LED numeric display: 0.375 inch (9.5 mm) high

Pulse Strength: Logarithmically scaled 8-segment LED bar graph

Low Battery: LED flashes when approximately 30 minutes of battery life remains

Alarm Silence: LED flashes or lights to remind the  user that audio alarms are disabled
Sensor: LED flashes to alert the operator to check the SpO2 sensor placement



Range: 0-100%

Accuracy: ±2% at 70-100%; ±3% at 50-69%

Averaging: 4, 8, or 16 pulse beat average

Alarm Range: High - 50%-100% & OFF (1% steps); Low - OFF & 50%-99% (1% steps)


Pulse Rate:

Range: 30-254 bpm

Accuracy: ±2% at 30-254 bpm

Resolution: 1 bpm

Alarm Range: High - 5-250 bpm & OFF; Low - OFF & 5-250 bpm (5 bpm steps)



Spot checks and trends can be stored for up to 99 patients and 24 hours of run time.


Auxiliary Serial Printer/Computer Output:

Data saved every thirty seconds can be printed or downloaded to a PC (trend). Data saved every four seconds in sleep mode can be output and processed by commercially available sleep study software.



Dimensions: 7.25” H x 3.3” W x 1.85” D; 18.4 cm x 8.4 cm x 4.7 cm

Weight: 19 oz. (539 grams)



AC Power: 105-125V ~ 60Hz

Optional: 207-253V ~ 50Hz, 90-110V ~ 50Hz

Battery Standard: NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride)

Battery Life: Internal rechargeable, not user replaceable. Fully charges in about 6 hours. Approximately 24 hours of continuous use.





BCI 3303 Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter Brochure

BCI 3303 Instruction Book





Qty - 1 BCI 3303 Hand-Held Pulse Oximeter

Qty - 1 BCI 3304 Adult Finger Probe

Qty - 1 AC Power Adaptor 73305


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Cosmetic - Good

Working - Good


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